Fresh Bites is a new live cooking program at Essex Street Market featuring guest chefs, food bloggers, and TV personalities sharing their recipes and expertise with Market shoppers.

On Saturday October 22nd, we’re partnering with Cooking With Granny, a web series that showcases the food and stories of New York City’s baddest multicultural cooks -- our grandmothers! 

This live cooking, tasting, and talk-based event brings a fan-favorite episode of Cooking With Granny to life. Granny Lumen will be teaching us how to make her “ube halaya” -- a traditional Filipino dessert made from mashed purple yams. 

Participants who attend this Fresh Bites cooking demo will taste a fresh batch of Granny Lumen’s purple yam pudding, see how it’s traditionally prepared, and engage in an intimate discussion about the role food plays in immigration.

More info and ticketing information can be found here!