Want the Word on Essex Street Market?

Gera Lozano Refashions the Essex Street Market with a Flavorful Feast of Luscious Colors and Abstract Shapes

July 13, 2016
Street Art NYC takes a closer look at Essex Street Market's new mural installation, completed in June 2016 by Brooklyn-based artist Gera Lozano.

Fashion & Style: Shopping With A-Wa

July 1, 2016
Israel sister musical trio A-WA peruses the produce section at Essex Street Market as part of their "day in the life" feature in The New York Times Style section.

Essex Street Market Gets Spruced Up With Murals, Inside And Out

July 1, 2016
"The inspiration for the mural design came from the history, past and present,” says muralist Gera Lozano, who was quoted in YIMBY's article on the 200-foot long mural spanning the exterior of Essex Street Market.

Meet the Okonomiyaki Slider, Which Mayo May Not Be the New Ramen Burger

June 29, 2016
Osaka Grub opened its first brick-and-mortar shop this month at Essex Street Market, serving up tasty Japanese-style street food. Bedford + Bowery got the full scoop and tried their famous okonomiyaki slider. 

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